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Microscope Carl Zeiss
Aquacut 4

The use of dental microscope extends the limits of the possible in all areas of dentistry.

Increase of 4-24x allows freedom to work in all areas of oral cavity with the advantage of exceptional accuracy of the proposed procedure.

Aquacut 4 - fluid abrasion unit
Aquacut 4

The Aquacut Quattro is a fluid abrasion unit which cuts by emitting a stream of air, fluid and powder from its handpiece. It can be loaded with up to two different powders for use in cutting and cleaning operations.

Single Tooth Anesthesia - computer-controlled anesthetic

Aquacut 4

The Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA?) is the first computer-controlled local dental anesthetic system where just one injection at a single tooth is all that's needed to scientifically, safely and predictably ensure single-session injection precision. It's even highly effective for multi-quadrant cases.

Arcus Digma II
Aquacut 4

KaVo ARCUS digma II: welcome to the new evolution in computer technology designet to calculate the precise computerized jaw tracking devices known as electronic face bows, which can track the many aspects and variations of mandibular movement. This is very useful when inserting an implant-supported denture where a very correct bite is most important.

Biozonix - medical ozone generator
Aquacut 4

Biozonix innovative technology uses the power of high frequency and high voltage to produce an electromagnetic field that causes the bonds in molecular oxygen to break in order to form activated oxygen atoms. This electromagnetic field has the ability to penetrate air, liquid and tissue, will activate oxygen molecules that are naturally present in the treatment area.

Piesosurgery III - ultrasound bone surgery
piesosurgery III

The Piezosurgery has been developed to overcome the limits of precision and intraoperatory safety existing in traditional bone cutting instruments. Piezosurgery allows to obtain high predictability and low morbidity in bone surgery.

Planmeca - digital panoramic camera

Top quality Planmeca digital panoramic camera allows us to make clear and consice panoramic photos of the patients' jaws and thus helps us to make a clear diagnosis. The photos made by this digital camera are cristal clear and made in a blink of an eye. That way Dentorium patients are able to have their diagnosis right away. Planmeca digital camera allows the doctor to position the patient easy, its radiation level is very low and the patients feel very comfotable in the process.

Intraoral cameras
intraoralne kamere

Allow the patient to be actively involved in the treatment process, and the doctor can explain problems shown on the screen. The DENTORIUM practice is equipped with a KODAK 1500 Intraoral video cameras.

Digital X-ray (RVG)

Our practice is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital imaging system (RVG). It allows the dentist to take a picture in one minute, show it on the screen and discuss it with the patient. By using a digital sensor, the radiation dose has been reduced by 90%. The software allows the dentist to perform additional measurements, such as canal length or relative bone density measurement. According to the patient's wish, the picture can be saved to a CD or sent by e-mail!

We also take images of temporomandibular joints (TMJ). The RVG system also makes it possible to take panoramic X-ray image of all teeth.

The practice is equipped with a KODAK RVG 6500 Wireless Digital Radiography System (the highest resolution digital sensor available in the industry today).

Microscopic loupes
Mikroskopske lupe

Recommended for intricate surgical and dental procedures where high magnification is necessary, for example in endodontal, vascular, neuro, and intricate orthopedic surgery. Carl Zeiss loupes of 4.5 times magnification open a new range of possibilities to the dentist by magnifying the image and it is recommended for intricate surgical and dental procedures where high magnification is necessary. Magnification of operational field makes it possible to locate additional, previously invisible root channels, removal of broken root canal instruments, and carrying out microsurgical operations.

The precision of work under microscopic view ensures incomparable treatment quality, because you can treat well only what you see well!

Cold Laser

The therapy performed with such laser is often called "Low Level Laser Therapy" (LLLT) or just "laser therapy" and the laser is called "therapeutic lasers". The therapeutic lasers offer improved possibilities in the treatment of pain, wound healing, inflammation and oedema. However, they also offer the dentist a possibility to treat indications previously not within the capability of the general dentist.


Our practice complies with the most stringent norms in sterilisation and hygiene. In our care for our patients' safety we put special attention to the use of single-use and disposable instruments and materials (a separately packed set of tools and drills is prepared for each patient). Solutions implemented exceed the requirements of the Croatian Sanitary Inspection.

Computers in dentistry?

Our practice is equipped with a computer system for patients' record-keeping and data archiving. Each procedure, each operation and each payment is recorded in the computer. This way we can recall the patient's history of treatment, print it or send by e-mail. All the X-ray images are also stored in digital format. This allows immediate access, possibility to save them on a disk or send by e-mail for consultation purposes. Cost estimates and treatment plans can be sent to patients or insurers electronically or by mail. Our documentation is secure, safe and useful!

We also use software Consult-Pro. Consult-Pro is the leading manufacturer of dental patient education software. Consult-Pro multimedia presentation systems use 3D animations, still images and clinical photos to educate patients and increase case acceptance.

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